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Electro-Harmonix Canyon Delay and Looper Pedal (recent)

SKU: 135U-207440

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$89.00 USD
Neat pedal with 11 modes (10 delay settings and built in looper).  62 seconds of  loop time. Delay times of 5ms - 3 seconds. Runs on AC adapter only (NOT included). Built for a "Grand" experience. VG-EC

More Details

The following specs were provided by our repair and appraisal teams. For a more detailed description please call (517) 372-7880 
  • Electro-Harmonix
  • Canyon Delay & Looper
  • 11 modes (10 for delay and one for looper)
  • Maximum 62 seconds of loop time
  • Controls include effects level, delay, feedback and tap divide switch
  • Mono operation
  • VG-EC
  • 1/4" input and output, 1/4" tap in jack
  • Runs on AC adapter only (NOT included)