J.S. Bach

Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in D Minor BWV 903 by J. S. Bach

arranged and transcribed by Néstor Ausqui
sku: 02-30631
Néstor Ausqui has taken extraordinary measures in creating a guitar transcription of this monumental piece. The fundamental tonality of D minor was retained to preserve the work’s sonority, and the 6th string of the guitar is lowered to D to expand the guitar’s range and adhere to the original key. Articulation of the piece requires the use of slur technique to maintain and enhance the legato effect in the melodic line. The percussive character of the guitar causes various inconveniences in the execution of the legato, but the transcriber has done his best to preserve the character of the piece. Standard notation only, with each line of music forming only one measure. Advanced. 28 pp.

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