Martin Simpson

An Introduction to Martin Simpson

sku: TOPIC-CD005
Bargain-priced sampler from the lengthy career of this English trad singer, songsmith and ace guitar player. "Dives and Lazarus," "Sir Patrick Spens," "Delta Dreams," "Dark Swift and Bright Swallow," 17 in all.   More Details...


  1. Bones and Feathers
  2. Never Any Good
  3. Banjo Bill
  4. Dives and Lazarus
  5. Love Never Dies
  6. Brothers Under the Bridge
  7. Clerk Sanders
  8. Love Henry
  9. She Slips Away
  10. Will Atkinson
  11. Sir Patrick Spens
  12. Dark Swift and Bright Swallow
  13. John Hardy
  14. Thomas Drew
  15. First Cut is the Deepest
  16. Delta Dreams
  17. Palaces of Gold