Martin Carthy

An Introduction to Martin Carthy

sku: TOPIC-CD011
Bargain-priced overview of the English folk revival's widely influential singer and guitarist. 17 tracks, mostly solo, from his lengthy Topic recording career.   More Details...

1. Scarborough Fair
2. The Wind That Shakes the Barley
3. Sailor's Life
4. Lord Franklin
5. Byker Hill
6. Matt Hyland
7. Prince Heathen
8. His Name is Andrew
9. King Henry
10. Palaces of Gold
11. The Jolly Tinker
12. The Devil and the Feathery Wife
13. The Handweaver and the Factory Maid
14. McVeagh
15. Limbo
16. Sir Patrick Spens
17. A Ship to Old England Came