Chas. H. Violin

$1,050 $1,550
sku: 110U-197250
This violin was made in Gloucester, Mass., in the late 19th or early 20th century. The label is partly missing, so the makers full name is not present, but it indicates CHAS. H. HA??. It has a largish (362mm body length) model that appears to be inspired by Maggini or Del Gesu, with a  one piece back of highly flamed maple and an antiqued yellow-brown varnish. It offers fairly big, viola-like tone from the large body and somewhat deep ribs. It is in very good condition, other than a repaired treble wing crack and repaired center seam under the tailpiece. The fingerboard is getting a bit thin at the end, and it  might need to be replaced before too many more years. Older shaped Lifton case with case cover included.