Romero Creations ST Concert Ukulele, Spalted Mango, & Gigbag

sku: RCST-SM
Another innovative design from Pepe Romero, the ST Concert Ukulele combines the scale length of a concert, the overall length of a standard soprano, and the body volume of a tenor. The result is a compact instrument that's comfortable to play and provides plenty of volume. The triangular body allows easy access to the whole fretboard. This model is built with all solid spalted mango for a distinct look and bright, crisp tone.

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  • Designed By Pepe Romero
  • All Solid Spalted Mahogany
  • 15” Concert Scale Length
  • 12 Frets To The Body
  • Tiny Tenor Body
  • Overall Length Of A Soprano Ukulele
  • Easy Access To All Frets
  • Powerful, Crisp Tone
  • High Quality 16:1 Tuners
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Ebony Bridge
  • Ebony Tuner Buttons
  • Genuine Abalone Rosette
  • Genuine Abalone Fret Markers
  • Mother Of Pearl Daniel Ho Logo
  • Pepe Romero Strings: UT2 Tenor Ukulele Set (Low G)
  • Includes deluxe gigbag

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