Kiwaya Shopworn Eco Series KS-1 Soprano Ukulele

$225 $256.50
sku: KS1M-SW
Shopworn, with some difficult to see finish scratches and tiny shiny spots on the satin finish. The hyper-thin laminate used by Kiwaya was developed in Japan and results in a strong yet highly resonant instrument with very nice tone and projection. The Eco Series KS-1 is a very good sounding ukulele at a nice price.

  • SHOPWORN: Minor, hard-to-see finish scratches and tiny shiny spots
  • Extremely thin laminated mahogany body
  • Solid mahogany neck with 14 fret walnut fingerboard
  • Maple bridge with compensated plastic saddle
  • Gotoh friction pegs with white buttons
  • Satin finish
  • Made in Japan