sku: BLACS-CD27
2008 -- Now a four-piece: guitarist/tunesmith Larry Unger, fiddler Eden MacAdam-Somer, percussionist Mark Hellenberg and the ubiquitous Master of Stuntology, Sam Bartlett on mandolin. Lots of originals plus tunes from the Appalachian tradition, Romania, the Romany people, a Jewish wedding song and more!

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  1. Whiplash / Greasy Coat
  2. River Falls
  3. Old Aunt Jenny with Her Nightcap On / Elkins
  4. Romanian Train Song
  5. Gelem, Gelem / Aoleanul de la Petreşti
  6. You're My Baby Now
  7. Lissa and Corey / Berkeley Reel
  8. Oxford Hall / C# Minor
  9. Henry Reed's Breakdown
  10. All Night Long
  11. Pickin' the Berries
  12. Rodeo Clown Rag
  13. Sarah Jane
  14. Dodi Li
  15. Jolly Jack's Polka
  16. Snow on Deer Mountain

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