Charm City Junction

Charm City Junction

sku: PATUX-CD276
2015 - Freewheeling hybrid of old-time, Irish and bluegrass tunifying with fiddler Patrick McAvinue of Audie Blaylock's Redline and many others, clawhammer banjoist Brad Kolodner - son of Helicon's Ken Kolodner - button accordionist Sean McComiskey - son of Irish-American accordion ace Billy McComiskey - and bassist Alex Lacquement.

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  • Frog on a Lily Pad
  • Last Chance
  • Train on the Island
  • Joe Bane's Barndance
  • Greasy Coat
  • Margaret's Waltz
  • I've Got a Woman
  • Two O'Clock in the Morning
  • Bogs of Shanaheaver
  • I'm Troubled
  • Torn Jacket / Come West Along the Road
  • Cousin Sally Brown
  • Return from Helsinki
  • New River Train

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