Hercules GS432BPLUS Plus Series AutoGrip Triple Guitar Stand with Foldable Backrest

sku: GS432B
If you have multiple instruments on stage, this is the stand you need. Solid tripod stand with innovative "AutoGrip" design that grabs the instrument when you place it on the stand and doesn't let go until you pick it up again. Folding backrests, finish safe rubber on contact points, easy height adjustment and more. The Plus Series features make this one of the best stands available.   More Details...

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  • AGS ("AutoGrip" System) design for security - keeps your instruments in the stand
  • Folding/locking AGS yokes accommodate necks from 1.57" - 2.05" (40 - 52mm) wide
  • Includes NINA (Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment) arms to better accommodate necks as narrow as 1.10" (28mm)
  • Instant height adjustment clutch with locking pin
  • Upgraded footpads for increased friction with ground to prevent slippage
  • Contact points use "SFF" finish safe rubber
  • Compact breakdown design
  • Tri-pod base with foldable backrests
  • Compact breakdown design
  • NOTE: Will not work with square neck guitars When it's closed in the safety position, each yoke forms a rectangle with a width of 1 7/8" and a depth of 1 3/8". Some banjos may rest on the base of the machine heads instead of the peghead itself.

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