The Immigrant Band

The Immigrant Band

sku: YODEL-CD103
2016 - Music from the border of Ireland and the southern Appalachians! John Herrmann and Rafe & Clelia Stefanini join forces with Irish heavy-hitters John Doyle and Eamon O'Leary on 14 choice tracks, most from the Appalachian tradition but some from Ireland and a Doyle original, too.

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  1. Blind Steer in a Mudhole
  2. Willie Moore
  3. Little Bird
  4. Jenny on the Railroad
  5. Jody / Davey Come On Back Home & Act Like You Oughta
  6. The Absentee
  7. Johnny Come Along
  8. My Boy Willie
  9. Hogeyed Man
  10. Who's Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
  11. Little Maggie
  12. Washington's March / Black Snake Bit Me on the Toe
  13. Stay Single If You Can
  14. Dan's Dream

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