Molsky's Mountain Drifters

Molsky's Mountain Drifters - Closing the Gap

sku: TFM-CD1602
2019 - 2nd album from these old-time maestros that showcases the trios natural state of BEING, raw, playful, and free. The way music is meant to be! 17 tracks.    More Details...

  1. There's a Bright Side Somewhere
  2. Grey Eagle
  3. The Little Carpenter
  4. Fortune
  5. Spring of '65
  6. Closing the Gap
  7. The Graf Spee
  8. Sweet Bride
  9. Hog Trough Reel
  10. Cumberland Gap
  11. All Gone Now
  12. Shooting Creek
  13. Let me Fall
  14. K.C. Moan
  15. I Get My Whiskey from Rockingham
  16. Greenback Dollar

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