Banjo Mechanics

Luck of the Beanrow

sku: BFM-CD002
2018 - Second album of adventurous musical sojourns featuring the twin banjos - and only the twin banjos - of Canada's Ian Pattison and Lewis Melville. "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing," "Buffalo Jig," "Twenty Below Waltz," 13 begulingly original tracks in all.   More Details...


  1. Luck of the Beanrow
  2. Toads and Frogs
  3. Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
  4. Cardboard Parachute
  5. Mozzie
  6. Twenty Below Waltz
  7. Frozen February / Swing Thing
  8. Autumn
  9. Roger B
  10. Buffalo Jig
  11. Beesting
  12. Turner on the Dock
  13. Lucky Ending