Bart Reiter Special (1991)
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Bart Reiter Special (1991)

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Ome Mira 11" Openback Banjo & Case, Walnut Neck, Radiused Fretboard
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Bart Reiter Bacophone Plus Model Openback Banjo
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Vega Senator & Case by Deering, Scooped Fretboard
Recording King Madison Open-Back Banjo
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Gold Tone CC-OT Openback Banjo Package with Planetary Gears, Gigbag, Strap & Instructional DVD
Recording King Dirty 30's Open-Back Banjo
Vega Fairbanks No. 2 Special (1920)
Pattison Whyte Laydie Banjo & Case
Richard Brown Mesquite Custom (c.2010)
Doug Unger Custom Electric (2010)
Cole's Eclipse Model 3500 (c.1898)

Cole's Eclipse Model 3500 (c.1898)

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Rickard 11" Dobson Openback Banjo & Case, with Rickard 10:1 Cyclone Tuners and Spikes
Chuck Lee Glen Rose Banjo, Electric (Whyte Laydie) Tone Ring, 11" Rim
Pattison Mountain Sounds Openback Banjo, Brass Hoop Tone Ring
Doug Unger Custom Electric (2011)
Bloom JB Special 11.5" Openback Banjo, Fiberskyn Head
Chuck Lee Prairieville Curly Maple Openback Banjo, 12" Rim, Brass Hoop Tone Ring
Chuck Lee Lone Star Deluxe Custom, 12" Rim, Integral Wood Tone Ring
Chanterelle Cherry Standard 11" (recent)
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