Will Seeders 12" Dobson Special Custom (2019)

sku: 60U-208235
Very nice handcrafted banjo. Brown stained satin lacquer finish.
Flamed maple neck and rim. Cole-style boat heel. Ivoroid-bound 17-fret fingerboard with frailing scoop. Fancy engraved pearl inlays.
12" Fiberskyn 3 head. Dobson-style tone ring. Antique finished hardeware. Rickard (Gotoh) tuners and geared 5th string tuner with ivoroid buttons. 1-9/32" nut, ~25-1/2" scale. Seeders violin bridge.
Built by Will Seeders in Vermont, U.S.A.. With Superior HSC (green lining). EC+. On consignment   More Details...

The following specs were provided by our repair and appraisal teams. For a more detailed description please call (517) 372-7880 
  • SN 088
  • 2019
  • EC+
  • Brown stained satin lacquer finish
  • 2-piece flamed maple neck with Cole-style boat heel
  • Slight V-shaped neck profile
  • Flamed maple rim
  • Ivoroid-bound ebony fingerboard with Frailing scoop
  • Fancy pearl engraved inlays, 17 frets
  • Railroad spike in 7th fret
  • Ebony peghead overlay with fancy engraved inlay
  • 12" Fiberskyn head, Dobson-style tone ring
  • Two-tier grooved tension hoop, 18 brackets
  • Wire armrest, Rickard (Gotoh) tuners and geared 5th peg
  • Ivoroid buttons
  • 1-9/32" nut, ~25-5" scale
  • Handcrafted by Will Seeders in Vermont, U.S.A.
  • With Superior HSC (green lining)
  • On consignment