Richard Brown Mesquite Custom (c.2010)

sku: 60U-201824
A nice handcrafted banjo by Richard Brown, this Mesquite Custom was built in Texas using regional woods. It has a mesquite block rim with a brass tone hoop, and a mesquite neck with a Texas ebony fingerboard. This banjo is in excellent condition.   More Details...

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  • Mesquite block rim
  • Mesquite neck with Dobson-style heel and fancy headstock
  • Texas ebony fingerboard with side dot markers
  • Texas ebony headstock overlays with star inlay
  • Brass tone hoop
  • Antiqued hardware
  • 18-brackets
  • Grooved tension hoop
  • No Knot style tailpiece
  • 11" head
  • ~25-5/8" scale
  • 1-15/32" nut
  • Geared tuners
  • Missing name plate from dowel stick
  • Built in Texas with regional Southwestern woods
  • Oversized hardshell case
  • EC
  • SN: 009