C. Waldman Wood-O-Phone 11" Openback Banjo

sku: CW110
An intriguing openback banjo, this C. Waldman Wood-O-Phone offers clear, rich tones from bass to treble but still with lots of pop. Features include an 11" 2-ply Cherry rim, a hand-carved Cherry neck with carbon fiber reinforcement rod, and Waldman's own integral all-wood "Tone Rim" (see Details section below).  Handcrafted in the USA.

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  • 11" 2-Ply Cherry Rim
  • Bloodwood Tone Rim*
  • Cherry Neck with Claro Walnut Center Strip
  • 1/4" x 3/8" Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Rod
  • 17 Fret Ebony Fingerboard, Scooped
  • 25-1/2" Scale Length
  • Gotoh Tuners
  • Figured Claro Walnut Tailpiece
  • Claro Walnut Accent Woods
  • Renaissance Head
  • GHS PF145 Strings
  • Oil Varnish Finish

*C Waldman Wood-o-phone banjos feature what the maker calls a Tone Rim. This is an all-wood rim with integral tone chambers, a construction detail exclusive to Chuck's instruments. The heart of the banjo is an internal wooden tube encircling the rim just under the head. The tube is divided by wooden partitions into a number of different length chambers. The result is a very rich and resonant tone with sustain and clarity.

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