Vintage Guitar Magazine - May 2019

sku: VG-201905
On the cover: With more than 15,000 pieces, the Musical Instrument Museum is a must-see for anyone who digs guitars. We tour the MIM’s new display focused on early electric guitars and heavy-hitter instruments that paved the way for the music we love. Plus: we speak with Charlie Daniels about his time as a session guitarist, new projects with Eric Gales, Ryan Bingham, Steve Dadaian, Emily Elbert, Walter Trout, Donna Grantis, and Christophe Astolfi; then tell the amazing stories behind Zon’s Legacy bass, the D’Aquisto archtop built for any musical setting, the rare British Kitty Hawk Custom combo amp, and Guild’s S-50 Jet-Star. We also recall the MC5’s thunderous Kick Out The Jams album, plus VG Approved Gear, the Hit List, lots more. 130 pp.

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