Ukulele Magazine - Winter 2018

sku: UKE-2018W
On the cover: Build A Better Uke Club - Jim D’Ville talks to leaders of some of the finest ukulele clubs to find the secrets of their success. Plus: Ralph Shaw on how a $15 ukulele started a reluctant English physicist on an unlikely ukulele career (includes a lesson on how to play George Formby’s famous split-stroke), Heidi Swedberg on the burning question of using a strap or not, a big list of Winter events, Daniel Ward shows you the quickest way to improve your playing, Fred Sokolow teaches how to solo on the ukulele, Kala Wanderer and Striped Ebony U-Basses, Gold Tone Little Gem banjo-ukulele, ukes made from coconuts, more. 82 pp.

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