Mark Tamsula & Richard Withers

Up Jumped Joe in the Middle of It: Old Time Music of Southwestern Pennsylvania

sku: SNABU-CD002
2013 - Second generous helping of the fiddle and fife music indigenous to SW Pennsylvania, from the collection of Samuel Preston Bayard. Fiddler Mark Tamsula and Richard Withers on banjo, flute, accordion and harmonica; with Dave Krysty on guitar and singer Ellen Gozion.   More Details...


  1. Chase the Squirrel / Fire in the Mt.
  2. Uncle Ed
  3. John Reilly
  4. Hog Eye / Sugar in the Gourd
  5. Old Mother Gum
  6. Johnny's Favorite Waltz
  7. Up Jumped Joe in the Middle of It
  8. Pretty Sarah
  9. Uncle John / Squirrel Hunting
  10. The Snouts and Ears of America
  11. The Snowy Hill / My Last Fall / O Dear Mother My Toes Are Sore
  12. The Rocky Mtn. Hornpipe
  13. Buffalo Gals
  14. Waitin' for the Wagons / Nancy Hill
  15. Awake, Arise
  16. Rosemont Quadrille
  17. Hall's Old Reel / Losch's Old Reel
  18. William Morris Tune

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