Tim Twiss

The Grape Vine Twist

2008 -- More 19th-century banjo music, reproduced from printed sources 1855-86, from the banjified Twiss in the period "stroke" style! "Fireman's Jig," "Whole Hog or None," "Rail Road Polka," "Narraganset Jig" and more, performed on a banjo modeled after an instrument built by William Boucher of Baltimore in the 1840s.

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  • Harper's Jig
  • Anthony Street Reel
  • Grape Vine Twist
  • Power of Music, as executed by Tom Briggs
  • Fireman's Jig
  • Grape Vine Reel
  • Injin Rubber Overcoat
  • Rail Road Polka
  • Narraganset Jig
  • Phil Isaac's Jig
  • Darkey Fisher's Hornpipe
  • Bobey Nickle's Jig
  • Fancy Dance
  • Corn-Husking Jig
  • Union Jig
  • The Spangle Hornpipe
  • Who's Dat a-Knockin' at de Door
  • Old Virginny Jig
  • Whole Hog or None

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