Ruth Barrett & Cyntia Smith

The Early Years

sku: DATR-CD004
The dulcimer duet's CD reissue of "Aeolus" from 1981 and 1982's "Music of the Rolling World." "Every Woman Born," "As I Roved Out," Luis Milan's "Pavan," "Lovers of the Moon," 24 in all.   More Details...

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AEOLUS (1981)

    1. Bird on the Briar
    2. Never Wheather Beaten Saile
    3. The Mermaid
    4. Lullaby for Amanda
    5. Every Woman Born
    6. King of the Faeries
    7. Aeolus, The Wind
    8. As I Roved Out
    9. Lesson for Two Lutes
    10. Blow the Candles Out
    11. Pastime with Good Company
    12. The Rolling of the Stones


  1. The Weary Cutters
  2. Unicorns
  3. I Live Not Where I Love
  4. Three French Dances
  5. Faerie's Love Song
  6. The Rolling World
  7. The Broomfield Hill
  8. Pavan
  9. The Weaver and the Factory Maid
  10. The Cuckoo
  11. Lovers of the Moon
  12. Cambridge May Song