Harvey Reid

The Autoharp Waltz

sku: WOODP-CD128
2013 - "Old & New Music for Unaccompanied Autoharp" with the indefatigable Reid in his 28th album! It's just Reid and his 21-chord Oscar Schmidt Appalachian autoharp - with Brian Silber on violin and viola on two tracks - in a tasty program of originals mixed with traditional tunes and hymns: "Gold Watch & Chain," "Sweet Hour of Prayer," "In Dark Winter Rejoiceth," "Bully of the Town," 16 in all.   More Details...

  1. Sweet Hour of Prayer
  2. The Autoharp Waltz
  3. Slipped Through My Hand
  4. Gold Watch & Chain / Gospel Ship
  5. Scotland Bridge
  6. Times Gone By
  7. Fishing Pond Blues
  8. Wayfaring Stranger
  9. East Virginia
  10. In Dark Winter Rejoiceth
  11. The Train That Carried My Girl From Town
  12. Scarborough Fair
  13. Filled With Love
  14. Lorena
  15. Bully of the Town
  16. Lament for Abigail Curtis