Chris Thile

Thanks for Listening

sku: NONE-CD564711
2017 - Recently reduced price for a limited time! Produced by Thomas Bartlett, these studio recordings were originally written as "Songs of the Week" on Prairie Home Companion, as an expression of gratitude to the listening audience. Thile himself performs most all of the stringed instruments on the release. Guest singers include Sarah Jarosz, Gaby Moreno, and Aoife O'Donovan. 10 cuts: "I Made This for You," "Elephant in the Room," "Stanley Ann," more.   More Details...


  1. I Made This for You
  2. Feedback Loop
  3. Elephant in the Room
  4. Douglas Fir
  5. Thank You, New York
  6. Stanley Ann
  7. Modern Friendship
  8. Falsetto
  9. Balboa
  10. Thanks for Listening