Cathy Barton & Dave Para

Sweet Journeys

sku: ROUST-CD06
2010 - The veteran Missouri folk music duo with musical friends from all over: Kevin Hessessy, the late Canadian fiddler Graham Townsend, fiddler David Wilson and many others.

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  • Pap and Jenny
  • Larry O'Gaffe
  • Waiting for the Belle
  • Mississippi Shores
  • Sweet Journeys
  • When I Went For to Take My Leave
  • Big John McNeil
  • Hazel's Auction
  • Chinita / Willafjord
  • Johnny Booker
  • The Diver Boy
  • Spotted Pony / Dance Around Molly
  • Songteller
  • When the Rains Come Down
  • The Rock Beside the Sea

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