Kevin Fore


sku: HER-CD147
Round Peak style, open-back banjo player, shares a love of old-time music with guests Kirk Sutphin on fiddle, Benton Flippen on fiddle, Eddie Bond on vocals, David Holt on guitar, others. 19 cuts including "Head Over Heels," "Sally Ann," "Train 45," "Cripple Creek," more.   More Details...

  1. Sally Ann
  2. Head Over Heels
  3. Let Me Fall
  4. Otis Burris' Fortune
  5. John Hardy
  6. Rovin' Gambler
  7. Cripple Creek
  8. Rockingham Cindy
  9. Fiddler's Reel
  10. Joke on the Puppy
  11. Train 45
  12. Stepback Cindy
  13. Lonesome Road Blues
  14. Fall on my Knees
  15. Train On the Island
  16. Roustabout
  17. John Brown's Dream
  18. Stillhouse
  19. Old Jimmy Sutton