Saline Fiddlers

On My Way Home

sku: SFP-CD2008
2008 -- It's southern Michigan's army of fiddling middle and high school kids! Tunes and songs from the tradition and from Brad Phillips, Millish's Jesse Mason, Sweden's Swap, "Daisy" May Erlewine, Bill Monroe and lots more.

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  1. On My Way Home
  2. Born to Fly
  3. When Aly Throws a Fit
  4. North Summit
  5. Blue Skies
  6. Germany Set
  7. Volcanic Jig
  8. Down to the River to Pray
  9. Master Aslund
  10. Dalpilen
  11. Big Mama Brown
  12. Waltz
  13. Minor Swing
  14. Wheel Hoss
  15. Fantasia for the City
  16. Mick O'Connor's