Christian Wig

Gate to Go Through: Old Time Fiddle & Banjo

2004 - Back in print! Top-notch tunifying from east-central Ohio! 22 sets of tunes -- many from West Virginia and the late Melvin Wine's repertoire -- with Mark Olitsky on banjo and David Rice on harmonica and guitar. Produced by Joe LaRose.   More Details...


  1. Cold Frosty Morning / Yew-Piney Mountain
  2. Ducks On The Millpond
  3. Georgia Wildcat Breakdown
  4. Texas Twister
  5. Jump Jim Crow
  6. I Wish I Was a Mole in The Ground
  7. Ninth of January
  8. Lost Girl
  9. Sally Ann Johnson
  10. Green Willis
  11. Gate to Go Through
  12. Shelvin' Rocks / Billy in the Lowlands
  13. Sally Will You Marry Me?
  14. Black-eyed Suzie
  15. Shelvin' Rock
  16. Double File
  17. Julie Ann Johnson
  18. Oh Poor Miss Liza
  19. June Apple
  20. Old Rusty Mill
  21. The Indian's Dream
  22. Peggin' Awl / Paddy on the Turnpike