Enigmatica 3: New American Music for Mandolin Ensemble

sku: UNCOM-CD06
2015 - "Enigmatica celebrates its 15th year of innovative, highly acclaimed music-making with the release of its third CD. Most of these pieces are recorded here for the first time and many were written for Enigmatica. They reflect a mixture of folk, classical, Celtic, and Brazilian influences that are beautiful, accessible, and timeless. This CD embodies an American spirit and, recorded live-in-studio, showcases Enigmaticas musicianship and mastery. Under the artistic direction of Marilynn Mair, one of the world's leading mandolinists, Enigmatica continues to flourish."

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  1. The Rocky Road to Dublin (Jim Dalton)
  2. After Irene (Robert N. Martel)
  3. Sonatine a 4 (Will Ayton)

    Sand Pond Suite (Catherine Hawkes) (4-8)

  4. Radio Flyer
  5. Up in a Swing
  6. Fairy Ring
  7. Fireflies
  8. Red Ball Jets
  9. Ayton’s Farewell (Marilynn Mair)
  10. Sky-Colored Lake (Robert N. Martel)
  11. The Jamie Suite (Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni)
  12. Enrolado (Marilynn Mair)
  13. Revival (Radim Zenkl)
  14. Mitten Waltz (Catherine Hawkes)