Lluis Gomez

Dotze Contes

sku: REDPIG-CD0789
2017 - "Twelve Tales!" Barcelona's king of bluegrass banjo steps out with 12 eclectic tracks, with an array of guests including five-stringers Jean Marie Redon and Ron Cody, Bernard Minari and Jesse Brock on mandolin, Henrich Novak on Dobro and many others. All Gomez originals plus "Pony Express," "Devil's Dream," "Foggy Mountain Banjo" and Felix Arndt's "Nola."   More Details...

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  1. Virton 2014
  2. Salviac Waltz
  3. Pour Jean-Marie
  4. Nofuentes BB&B
  5. Foggy Mountain Banjo
  6. Pony Express
  7. Nola
  8. Bel's Reel
  9. Don Biloute
  10. Devil's Dream
  11. Fu Manchú Blues
  12. Tree O House
  13. Rocky Mountains