Ali "Beag" MacLeod & Kevin MacLeod

Braes of Badentarbat

sku: BEAG-CD002
2010 - "Highland Music and Gaelic Verse from Coigach" with West Highland accordionist Ali "Beag" MacLeod and Kevin MacLeod on mandolin and an array of fretted mandolinic instruments. With mandolinist Luke Plumb, Freeland Barbour on piano and others.

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  1. Ali Beag's Two Steps
  2. Hebridean Polka Set
  3. Oran Badantarbairt
  4. Gaelic Waltzes
  5. Malcolm Jones's Jigs
  6. Fudach Bhaile Bhlar
  7. Hector The Mechanic
  8. Lochbroom Waltzes
  9. Cairnearachd
  10. King George V's Army
  11. Mrs Helen Robertson
  12. Bo Bhuiridh
  13. Miriam Maclean Of Polbain
  14. Highlanders Revenge
  15. Iasgach A' Ghiomaigh
  16. Morag Made The Wedding
  17. The Kinghouse Set

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