Pepe Romero & Daniel Ho

Aloha Espana

sku: DHC-CD80133
2016 - First-of-its-kind conjunction of classical guitar and ukulele! Classical great Pepe Romero Sr. meets up with six-time Grammy-winning ukester Daniel Ho in a set of duets and solos, all featuring instruments designed and built by Pepe Romero Jr. Music from Tarrega, Bach, Torroba, Villa-Lobos, Albeniz, Daniel Ho himself and more.

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  1. Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Francisco Tarrega) - guitar & 'ukulele
  2. Canarios (Gaspar Sanz) - guitar & 'ukulele
  3. Leyenda (Isaac Albeniz) - guitar & 'ukulele
  4. Pavana (Gaspar Sanz) - guitar & 'ukulele
  5. Suite No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007 (Johann Sebastian Bach) - solo 'ukulele
  6. Variation (anonymous) - solo 'ukulele
  7. Pachelbel's Canon (Johann Pachelbel) - solo 'ukulele
  8. Amis Rondo (Daniel Ho) - solo 'ukulele
  9. Granada (Isaac Albeniz) - solo guitar
  10. Homage to the Brazilian Indians (Heitor Villa-Lobos) - solo guitar
  11. Homage to High Society (Heitor Villa-Lobos) - solo guitar
  12. Romance de los Pinos (Federico Moreno Torroba) - solo guitar
  13. Romance (Fernando Sor) - solo guitar

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