Hohner 560 Special 20 Harmonica (various keys)
Seydel Blues Session Steel Harmonica (various keys)
Hohner Special Case 5 Pack of Special 20 Harmonicas & Case
Seydel Blues 1847 Classic Harmonica (various keys)
Lee Oskar Major Harmonica (various keys)
Hohner Beginner's Harmonica, Great for Kids!
Hohner 590 Big River Harp (various keys)
Hohner Rocket Amp Harmonica (various keys)
Hohner M2013 Rocket Harmonica (various keys)
Hohner Old Standby Harmonica (various keys)
Suzuki SCX-48 Chromatix Harmonica, Key of G
Suzuki SCX-64 Chromatix Harmonica, Key of C
Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica (various keys)
Lee Oskar Melody Maker Harmonica (various keys)
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Hohner 270 Super Chromonica Chromatic Harmonica, Key of C
Hohner Blues Band Harmonica

Hohner Blues Band Harmonica

SKU: HO1501

Hohner CX-12 (7545) Chromatic Harmonica, Key of B-Flat
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Hohner 1896 Marine Band Harmonica (various keys)
Hohner M758601 Super 64X Performance Chromatic Harmonica
Hohner CCH48 Standard Harmonica Bulk Multi-Pack

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