Deluxe Anthology of Jazz Violin Styles

by Glenn Asch and David Reiner
sku: 02-93818M
Book with online audio. For more than a century, violinists have played jazz, swing, blues and similar improvisational styles. This book presents a broad sampling of the styles of major jazz violinists, from blues to bebop, from jug band to jazzgrass, from big-band swing to Texas swing. Tunes represent the styles of Stéphane Grappelli, Joe Venuti, Stuff Smith, Eddie South, Mark O'Connor, Benny Thomasson, Jean-Luc Ponty, and Darol Anger. Helpful jazz theory sections with exercises alternate with tunes that show how the theory works in practice. The book ends with an extensive discography of recommended jazz recordings with a violin focus. Originally published in 1982. Intermediate to advanced. 135 pp.   More Details...

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Scales, Chords, and Chord Progressions
Twelve Bar Blues
- L’Histoire
- Hotel Pitz Blues
- C-Riff
- Space Cadet
Stuff Smith (Swinging Fiercely)
- Bad News Blues
The ii-V7-I Progression
- Skeleton Blues
- Cartilage Blues
Joe Venuti (American Swing Style)
- Rarin’ To Go
- Humorous Humoresque
Altered Notes in ii-V7-I Progressions
Eddie South (Romanticist)
- Laurie
ii-bII7-I Progressions
- Chroma Zone
Stephanie Grappelli (A Sense of Elegance)
- Swanee River
- Tribute to Stephanie Grappelli
The Big Band Sound
- A Fine Clambake
Chord Superimpositions
The Be-Bop Era
- Bopology
- Be-Ba
Svend Asmussen (A Spectrum of Styles)
- Straight Ahead
Jazz Scales
Jean-Luc Ponty (King of Fusion)
- Acid Rain
- Timescape
Bow Techniques and Rhythm Patterns
Vassar Clements (Jazzy Bluegrass)
- Wabash Cannonball
- Dark Sky at Dawn
Jazz Chording
Jug Band and Related Styles
- Nothin’ to Hide
- Mango Swing
Darol Anger (Dawg Music)
- Lunar Dawg
Amplifying Your Violin
Benny Thomasson (Texas Fiddle Tunes)
- Lady’s Fancy
Mark O’Connor (Texas Swing)
- Mustard Greens
Gypsy Jazz
- Spring Czardas