Strymon Lex Leslie Simulator Pedal (recent)

sku: 135U-207805
The Strymon Lex Rotary Speaker Simulator Pedal is a popular pedal and an excellent choice with lots of controls to sculpt your sound. 2 individually selectable speeds, 4 controls to fine-tune the pedal's performance, each control offers a secondary feature for further editing, expression pedal input. Box included. It’s in excellent condition.   More Details...

Only 1 piece in stock!

The following specs were provided by our repair and appraisal teams. For a more detailed description please call (517) 372-7880
  • SN S17-32479
  • EC
  • Mic Distance, Fast Rotor Speed, Horn Level, and Preamp Drive controls
  • Slow/Fast and Bypass switches
  • 1/4" dual inputs and dual outputs  
  • Requires 9V battery or AC adapter (not included)
  • Box included