Mesa Boogie Mark V Combo

sku: 130U-200731
This ultra-versatile Mesa Boogie Mark V combo amp features 30 knobs, 23 switches, and 13 1/4" jacks, 5-band EQ, and multi pin footswitch jack (which gives you an additional 4 switches) to help you control/manipulate/tame the 3-channel preamp and Simul-Class power amp. It offers 90 watts of power with a 7 X 12AX7 preamp, 4 X 6L6 power amp (can use EL34s also), 1 X 5U4 rectifier, and a single 12” Mesa/Celestion speaker. It will operate at 10, 45, and 90 watt settings. This amp is capable of kicking out everything from ultra clean tones to big nasty sounds. This amplifier is in excellent condition. Consignment. We no longer ship used amps, in-store sales only.

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