EarthQuaker Devices Sea Machine V3 Super Chorus Pedal

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This chorus pedal ain't no one-trick seahorse. It's mix of standard and unique controls allows players to achieve anything from a subtle warble, classic Leslie, seasick pitch bends and much more. Did we mention it also pairs nicely with the bass.

More Details

1. Animate: How far the pitch shifted signal swings, lower levels equal a tighter and more focused shift à la traditional chorus. As you increase the control a more wild and animated pitch shift begins to emerge.

2. Dimension: Adds a slight slap-back at low levels, reverb-like ambiance at mid levels and an echo-resonance that will lead to self-oscillation at max.

3. Intensity: Adjusts how much modulated signal is blended in with the dry signal. Unity for this control is right around noon, everything above that is boosting the modulated signal.

4. Depth: Adjusts how strongly the LFO modulates the delay time.

5. Shape: Goes from triangle wave to square wave as you turn clockwise.