JHS Spring Tank Reverb Pedal

The JHS Spring Tank gives gives you the ability to create the perfect spring reverb for your sound with controls for Depth, Length, Highs, Boost (to control overall volume), and two independent and switchable reverb mixes called Tank 1 and Tank 2 -- so there are two reverb mix options on the fly. It provides lots of control to dial in the sound you seek.   More Details...

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  • Depth controls the size of the room
  • Length controls how long the reverb reverberates
  • Highs gives you the ability to control the tone of the reverb by adding or subtracting high frequencies
  • Tank 1 acts as the main reverb mix control
  • Tank 2 is the secondary mix control engaged by the Tank 2 switch Boost Compensates for any perceived volume loss from the reverb