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Martin Vintage 0-Size Guitar Case

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$320.00 USD
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$320.00 USD
Heavy duty Geib-style hardshell case that fits 12-fret and 14-fret 0-size guitars. Archtop wooden case with black vinyl covering and soft maroon (cabernet) velvet padded interior.

This is a good fit for 0-16NY & 0-18T tenor guitar, see details below.

More Details

  • Accessory pocket
  • Comfortable leather handle
  • Locking latch
  • Oval Martin brass name plate near handle
  • Martin 515 case
  • Approximate inside dimensions: Upper bout 11", lower bout 13 3/4", overall length 41" plus cutout in padding for endpin
  • Good fit for 0-16NY & 0-18T tenor guitar -- both are loose at shoulders but held securely at lower bout & waist (Neck area is longer than needed for tenor)
  • 14-fret guitars also have extra room at the shoulders, but again the lower bout and waist are a perfect fit, guitar does not move in the case