Gibson TB-75 Conversion (c.1939)

sku: 70U-205935
A very nice prewar flathead Mastertone with a fine prewar sound, this TB-75 has been expertly converted by Steve Huber. The original archtop ring was replaced with a prewar heavy weight flathead tone ring, and a nice new mahogany neck has been installed. Includes original tenor neck and case. This instrument is in excellent-minus condition.   More Details...

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The following specs were provided by our repair and appraisal teams. For a more detailed description please call (517) 372-7880 
  • Ser #: EA-5337 and F.O.N. 532-8
  • Year: c.1939
  • Excellent Condition minus (EC-)
  • Natural finish
  • Resonator: Mahogany - double white bound with concentric purfling rings. 5337 chalked inside.
  • Rim: ~9/16" three ply maple with original label
  • Head: 11" frosted top
  • Dual coordinator rods
  • Flange: One piece
  • Brackets/Shoes:24 brackets
  • Tone ring: heavy weight prewar
  • Tailpiece: Punched Grover Patent Presto
  • Hardware: Grover Pat. "pancake" tuners, newer geared 5th string
  • Recent hardshell and original tenor hardshell cases
  • On Consignment
  • Brazilian rosewood: Fingerboard
  • Small filled hole by end of one coordinator rod