Eleftherios Greek Santouri (c.2006)

sku: 200U-207093
Handcrafted in Athens, Greece, this Eleftherios Greeks Santouri is a Greek variant of the cimbalom and hammered dulcimer, very similar to Eastern European instruments called Cimbalom (Hungary), Tsambal (Romania), or Tsimbl (Yiddish / Jewish folk variant). It’s sold AS-IS (could use some string cleaning and tuning, etc.). Gigbag, stand and hammers included. It’s in excellent-minus condition.   More Details...

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The following specs were provided by our repair and appraisal teams. For a more detailed description please call (517) 372-7880 

  • Greek version of a cymbalom or hammered dulcimer
  • No SN
  • c.2006
  • EC-
  • Black painted soundboard
  • 2 sets of small round soundholes
  • Maple pin blocks
  • Walnut rails
  • Maple vine and floral wood marquetry on top rail
  • 37 bridges, 2-4 strings per bridge
  • Handcrafted in Greece
  • With gigbag, hammers and stand
  • EC- but could use some string cleaning and tuning, etc - sold AS-IS