The Blues Guitar Looper Pedal Book

by Brent Robitaille
sku: 799-6
The looper pedal is ideally suited for the blues. Most styles of blues have repeating chord progressions like the twelve-bar blues making it perfect for looping. In this book, Brent gives you two, four, eight, twelve, and sixteen bar multi-layered loops divided into four to five separate layers or parts. Each loop contains riffs or a melody, a bass line, chords, and a rhythm pattern. Then get your loops sounding better with the "ten tips for making great loops" and improve your solos with the "ten tips for making great solos." Plus: blues scales and blues chord progressions in all keys, blues strumming patterns, chord spelling charts, fingerboard charts, and a section on how to play slide guitar with exercises. Note/tab. 117 pp.

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