Mary Z. Cox

Mary Z. Cox - Carolina Banjo

sku: MARY-CD2019
2019 - Carolina Banjo is what happens when 2-time Florida and North Carolina banjo champion, Mary Z. Cox and champion North Carolina fiddler, Tim Gardner, get together in the Carolina Mountains and record. Banjo, bluegrass, blues and beyond!   More Details...

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  1. Foggy Mountain Clawhammer
  2. Got No Use for a Banjo Man
  3. Cotton
  4. Black Eyed Suzie / Forked Deer
  5. Andrew Jackson Go Back Home
  6. Hangman's Reel
  7. Washington's March (The Dance)
  8. Same Old Man Living at the Mill
  9. Brickyard Joe
  10. Barlow Knife
  11. Red Rocking Chair
  12. Over the Waterfall
  13. Hop High Ladies / Dunsmore Lasses
  14. Elk River Blues

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