The Corn Potato String Band

Good Job Everybody

sku: AGILEST-CD2017
2016 - "This album features the best of rare and nearly-forgotten old time country music played with energy, originality and love. Includes a twin-fiddle Midwestern polka, an original double-banjo tune, and plenty of cautionary tales. Recorded live, no overdubs." Ben Belcher, Lindsay McCaw and Aaron Jonah Lewis.   More Details...

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1. Rubber Dolly
2. Helena Polka
3. I Let the Stars Get in My Eyes
4. Cigareets and Whiskey
5. Brown Skin Gal
6. Flying Saucers
7. Emotions
8. I Had But Fifty Cents
9. Dance All Night
10. Sal's Got a Meatskin
11. Corn Potato Stomp
12. Was I Drunk?
13. There's a Rainbow in Every Teardrop