Schreiber Oscar Schmidt OS73 Reissue Autoharp Set

sku: SCHR1A
Set of 36 loop end strings fits Oscar Schmidt OS73B & OS73C Autoharps (the black "1930's A-Model Reissue" autoharps that are still in production). Unlike Oscar Schmidt brand strings, these have a plain loop end, no grommet. Made in the USA. Excellent quality. (See Details section below for more info.)   More Details...

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NOTE: Strings on new and old A-Model harps slip over anchor pins at the wide end of the instrument. Pins are usually hidden under a plastic cover which must be removed or flipped up to change strings. For longest wear and best tone, string windings (strings 1F - 13C#) should be as long as possible without resting directly on the bridge at either end. String length on the Oscar Schmidt reissue models is longer than the older ones. On the reissue models, distance from bridge to bridge for the 1F (longest) string is 19". (Older model 1F is 18-1/2")

ALSO NOTE: Greg Schreiber has taken over Tom Fladmark's string making business.  We are grateful to Tom for his many years of fine work and to Greg for taking the job on!