Willy Schwarz

Live for the Moment - Sale Priced!

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sku: EFA-CD05416
First solo album by a former member of "Eclectricity." Original songs recorded in India with a multitude of traditional musicians playing string, brass, winds and percussion, as well as Willy's vocals and accordion. Some tracks also include various Chicago area jazz musicians. Features Willy's own version of "Leela, Leela," his song that was popularized by Jody Stecher.


  1. Leela Leela
  2. Family Reunion
  3. Live for the Moment
  4. Arise
  5. Saturday
  6. Sticks And Stones
  7. Laila Majnu
  8. Masters
  9. Minstrel Man
  10. Lord Why Me?
  11. Wake Me Lord
  12. Holy Science

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