Surf Music for Lap Steel

arranged by Andy Volk
sku: 618-13
Book with online backing tracks. 18 classic Surf songs in C6th & A6th tunings. Steel guitar and surf music are made for each other. The lap steel guitar is capable of expressing all the many nuances of the Surf genre, from moody, melodic minor-key songs to atmospheric ballads that echo the sea. Spiral-bound to lay flat, these 18 classic songs run the gamut of moods and allow the steel guitar to shine as the lead voice. Includes a free download of MIDI backing tracks. Spiral-bound. Note/tab. 73 pp.

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C6th Tuning:
  • Cave Man (Richie Allen)
  • Green Sea (Blue Stingrays)
  • Jezebel (Cliff Gallup)
  • Latin'ia (The Sentinals)
  • Mr. Moto (The Belaires)
  • Mr. Rebel (Eddie & The Showmen)
  • Penetration (The Pyramids)
  • Pintor (The Pharos)
  • Quiet Village (Danny Gatton)
  • Reef Break (The Atlantics)
  • Surf Rider (The Ventures)
  • Surfer Girl (The Beach Boys)
  • The Lonely Sea (The Beach Boys)
  • The Quiet Surf (Richie Allen)

A6th Tuning:
  • Baja (The Astronauts)
  • Misirlou (Dick Dale)
  • Adventures in Paradise (The Atlantics)
  • Surfin' Tragedy (Bob Vaught & The Renegades)

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