Diego Barber

Diego Barber - Compositions for Classical Guitar

by Diego Barber
sku: 02-30717M
Book with online audio. Classically trained jazz guitarist Diego Barber presents five well-developed themes and a 3-movement solo sonata transcribed from his outstanding CDs. Two of the tracks, Elvira Maria and the 3-movement Sonata Banc d’Arguin are strictly guitar solos, while Richi is a solo accompanied by light percussion. Kilian’s Mountain is a reduced score of an extended duet with a pianist, and Desierto and Virgianna include expert sidemen on saxophone, bass and drums. The music ventures from complex melody-chord textures to hard-swinging grooves, all played with spontaneity and a heightened awareness of time, dynamics, color, technique and tone. Even seasoned guitarists will find these pieces rhythmically and technically challenging, but they provide a rare insight to the workings of a unique musical mind. Notation only. 84 pp.

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Elvira María
Kilian’s Mountain
Sonata Banc d’Arguin
I. Nouadhibou
III. Nouakchott
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