MusicNomad - The Nomad Tool Set

sku: MNTS
MusicNomad's patented Nomad Tool paired with the small yet powerful Nomad Slim makes cleaning up your prized instruments a breeze.The Nomad Tool extends the life and preserves the tone of your strings while keeping the body & hardware looking like new. The microfiber pad cleans on top and underneath guitar strings in seconds, and it's great for removing dust, grime and fingerprints. The soft brush fibers on the opposite end provide delicate care for the body, bridge, pickups, saddles, tuners, headstock, and more. Trying to clean hard to reach areas? The Nomad Slim gets in between pick-ups and under floating bridges, floating pick guards, strings on your headstock, more.    More Details...

  • Set includes the Nomad Tool & the Nomad Slim
  • Works on All Stringed Instruments, Amps, Drums, Keyboards, Pedals, Computers
  • Cleans Dust & Grime From Hard to Reach Areas
  • Removes Dust From Hardware & Electronics
  • Prolongs the Life & Preserves the Tone of Strings
  • All in One Cleaning Tool Set with No Cleaning Solution Needed