Bart Reiter Dobaphone Model Openback Banjo, Dobson Tone Ring

Handcrafted in East Lansing, this handsome openback banjo features an 11" maple rim, mahogany neck, and Dobson tone ring. Other details include planetary tuners, adjustable truss rod, No-Knot tailpiece, and a walnut rim cap. The ebony fingerboard is scooped above the 17th fret for easy over-the-neck playing.   More Details...

  • Mahogany neck
  • Dobson tone ring
  • Elite Amber (Renaissance) head on 11" diameter maple rim (24 brackets)
  • Ebony fretboard (1-1/4" wide at nut, ~26 3/16" scale) scooped above 17th fret
  • Pearl star in peghead
  • Dots on fretboard with star at 5th fret
  • Planetary tuners
  • Adjustable truss rod
  • No-Knot tailpiece
  • Walnut cap on back of rim
  • NOTE: Elite Amber heads are identical to Remo Renaissance heads. The only difference is the logo.

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